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Story Delay - April 2022

As you may recall at the start of 2022, I intended to write up to six short stories in just this year alone. I already published my first one, Road to Fruition, for you to read. However, I originally thought of writing a short story once every two months, and apparently, short story writing is a much trickier beast than I expected. With all the rewritings I’d have to go through, and the consistencies I’d have to pay attention to, it’s requiring far more time to be devoted to my creative writing process than the deadlines accompanying it would suggest.

So, I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but April’s short story will have to be delayed until I (attempt) to publish June’s short story for The Screened Word. And, more likely than not, the stories I plan to publish this year may also vary in when and how long it’ll take me to share them the way I want to.

Stay tuned, and to those of you who’ve paid attention to the stories that cropped up here in The Screened Word thus far, I am deeply grateful for your readership.

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