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2022 Special Announcement

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Happy New Year, everyone!

I'll bet that you’re all excited about 2022 as I am. But I have a special announcement that I think will make you even more excited.

Ever since I kickstarted The Screened Word three and a half years ago, I initially established it as a platform for me to compile reviews of any entertainment I watched or read and shared my thoughts on them with as much eloquence and directness as possible. But now, it occurred to me that it’s about time for me to expand the Screened Word repertoire. For starting this year, I am now planning on publishing some stories of my own making and publishing them exclusively here for you to read.

Now, bear in mind, these stories may practically be starting points of stories that could potentially grow into something bigger and better down the road. They may also potentially be embellished and published commercially once they have the right flow to them. Nevertheless, my head is just whirling with ideas that are begging to be conveyed through the pen and my vision.

As my ultimate New Year's resolution, I plan on publishing one story every two months throughout 2022, culminating in a holiday-themed story. Anything that I feel is worth sharing through the Screened Word in each given month, I’ll leave up to my imagination and my ways of presenting at all.

So, I hope you have some time to spare for the hors d’oeuvres of fiction I’m about to dish out to you along with the classic reviews you enjoy from the Screened Word.

Say hello to The Screened Word Stories!

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