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My name is Bryce Chismire. I am the head and creator of both The Screened Word and BJC Enterprises, where I compile all my major graphic logos and creations together into an online portfolio. The Screened Word is an opportunity for me to share my thoughts on specific forms of entertainment on the side.


As a kid, I have almost always enjoyed watching movies and TV shows as a hobby, and I still do today. Before I graduated high school, I realized that some of my favorite movies were made off of classic books, and this jumpstarted my progressive taste in books and literature. Now, I've become invested in seeing what movies, books, or TV shows express themselves with an undeniable helping of quality entertainment, and which ones fall short in meeting their viewers' expectations.

I graduated from Santa Fe University of Art and Design (when it was still active) on May 16, 2015, with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and a Magnum Cum Laude honor. I currently live in Ridgway, CO.



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