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Andi Mack is About to Wrap Up

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Well, I have some discouraging news to share with you: Andi Mack is about to wrap up this coming summer.

The show has been such an amazing, revolutionary TV show that went all out with its story and characters, to the point where it ended up speaking to adults as much as it spoke to kids, and to see it go is sure going to leave me, and all of its other fans, bummed out.

Could Stoney Westmoreland's arrest from several months ago had something to do with it? I don't know. Maybe not. But, according to the statement creator Terri Minsky made about the show coming to an end, she said that she, along with the cast and crew, were touched by the tremendous support that they received from the fans, and that, "the series finale is for them".

Until I know more about the intent of that proclamation, I'm getting the strange, slightly urging feeling that she's ending the show on its own terms. And while the show going out is not a pleasant feeling, I honestly feel that going out on its own terms is how I prefer such a show as Andi Mack to wrap up. It would be bad for the show to be cancelled prematurely before it had a chance to flourish, but it would be just as bad for the show to last a long time and, in doing so, outstay its welcome.

Long story short, Andi Mack was such a terrific show while it lasted, and I'll be looking forward to watching its last few episodes when they air starting this June.

How do you feel about all of this? Do you think the show is being prematurely cancelled, or do you feel like Terri Minsky has let it run its course the way it should have?

Please let me know!


I just remembered an article in which Peyton Elizabeth Lee, who played the title character, reflecting on the future of Andi Mack in uncertainty. She said that if Andi Mack was to not get a fourth season, the third season will at least be set up so that the character's story arcs will come together and so it'll end on a very satisfactory note.

Well, if Andi Mack really is about to go out with no intention of leaving many threads hanging, that's good enough for me.

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