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Coming Soon: TV Streaming Month

I think I'm catching on to a pattern here, aren't I? Almost every January or August...or so, I found myself conceptualizing a different theme of reviews for me to dish out, no matter what it is that I critique. The last time I did this was earlier in April, when I compiled a series of reviews having ties to the Christian religion, directly or indirectly.

Well, this coming August, I figured I'd try something more comprehensive: a TV Streaming Month. I see this as having similar qualities to Adaptation Month, where I looked at cinematic adaptations of classic books I read and critiqued. This time, however, the idea is for me to look over either continuing seasons of shows I already critiqued or shows that have ties to titles I already critiqued.

This may require an unhealthy amount of sitting on my bum and gazing at the TV screen for several continuous hours in a row, and I may have to find an excuse to read more books after that. But this is still worth experimenting with, nonetheless.

This August, prepare yourself for some reviews you might find worth binge-reading, if you will.

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