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Die Hard


I'm really impressed and yet still rattled even as I speak about what I just saw in the form of Die Hard. I'm still recovering moment by moment, but while I still let the much needed calmness sync in, I'll try my best to say what I think of Die Hard.

After watching a couple back-to-back movies in Hallmark Channel, I was watching the first few minutes of the movie just letting the Christmas spirit keep me entertained as I am treated to what turmoils Jon McClaine and his wife, Holly, were experiencing. And then, as soon as the terrorists start invading...


Yeah, the action that dominated most of this movie kept me glued to the screen, just rooting for John to bring these European predators to justice, whether it be straight to the afterlife or behind bars. And the plot concerning the terrorists' motives to hold everybody in the Christmas party, even if it resulted in the murder of the chairman and a fellow coworker, all just to rob the building of its valuables and piles of money, is obviously the most extreme example of robbery I have ever yet seen.

As I was watching this movie without letting any of the spoilers I may have caught from the Nostalgia Critic's review get in the way of what I experienced in my own TV screen, I was surprised that all the action that unfolded took place on the night of Christmas Eve. Heck, Mom was right to say that it doesn't look too much like a holiday movie. Or at least, it didn't intend to let its holiday theme conceal what Die Hard stands for.

I actually like the idea of John McCain doing everything he can in his power to protect all the guests/hostages at the party and direct the cops to the proper location in order to hunt the terrorists down. And it was not just from conscientiously undertaking that as a New York cop: I somehow think that by protecting the hostages, he would also protect Holly from any possible harm, maybe even make slight amends to his long absence from his own family. That's what I think Christmas is all about: caring about those you love.

Yep, there's pretty much a reason this movie is often called a holiday movie in spite of its pervasive action sequences and terrorist subplots. That's also reason enough to explain what makes this such an amazing action flick. It's action-packed, it's nail-bitingly intense, and its holiday theme makes the terrorist involvement and all the threats thereof all the more suspenseful. Gooo...Jon McClaine!!


Originally written December 21, 2015

Update: November 3, 2018

As I let Die Hard sync further in over the years since, I realized that John McClaine's selfless acts to protect the hostages from imminent danger was special for another reason: because it was going on amidst all the action that involved the terrorists, Die Hard proved that you don't need the Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday. Or the decorations. Or the presents...not to mention the stockings, wreath, carols, feasts, parties, celebrations, the whole shebang. It's the thought that counts. And John McClaine more than lived up to that thought.

Now, this wasn't the first time this message was addressed; specials like How the Grinch Stole Christmas got it down to a tee, but Die Hard did it in its own unique, spectacular, trailblazing fashion. What more could we have asked for?

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